Vital Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season

To protect your home from damage, increase its longevity, limit future remedial costs, and keep it feeling fresh and tidy, there’s a bit of work to be done throughout the year.

So what are some of the most important jobs to go on the to-do list? Check these out.


Spring is the time of spring cleaning, a great excuse to do some big housework. With your home likely having been shut up over winter (and the garden a bit neglected), a few things will need your attention.

Service your home systems

Air-con tends to work overtime as the weather heats up, so consider getting someone in to service your units. You’ll probably need a technician’s help to clean out dust or mould build-up, replace filters, and check for leaks.

Other things to check include:

  • Smoke alarms – are they working?
  • Fire extinguishers – have they expired?
  • Washing machine – when was the last time you cleaned it?

Clean up outside

Over winter, grime and debris may have built up around your driveway, pathways, windows and deck. We recommend cleaning these now before the weather gets too hot.

Tend to the garden

Spring is one of the best times of year to plant new flowers, veggies and herbs, as well as to tidy up anything that got a bit shaggy or weedy over the cold season.

It’s a bit of work, but a tidy garden can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home – remember, barbie weather’s coming and you’ll want to be outside.

Be aware of pests

Spring sees a lot of Australia’s pest creatures get more active. Check any fly screens, and consider if you want to hire a pest controller for advice on keeping out rodents, cockroaches, ants and other creepy crawlies.


Summer might be when we’re living it up and enjoying our beautiful city, but we aren’t the only ones who flourish in the hot season: warm, humid weather makes for great conditions to grow mould and weeds.

Ventilate, and check for damp

Throughout summer, keep your home well-ventilated and occasionally check for dampness. Mould and mildew can grow pretty quickly when left unattended, causing damage and potential health issues for you and your family.

Don’t forget any attics or basements, behind furniture, the back of cupboards, under sinks, and other nooks and crannies – these are places easily forgotten, and not frequently ventilated.

Keep on top of pruning and weeding

A garden can get pretty wild if left untamed, with weeds springing up quickly. Consider scheduling a regular rhythm of pruning and weeding to keep your outdoor spaces ready to be used. It’s often easier to do this job regularly than to wait and let it build into a mammoth task.

Stay fire safe

With temperatures rising, fire is always a risk in the Aussie summer. Stay on top of those smoke alarms if you haven’t already checked them, plus any fire extinguishers.

You could also double-check you have a fire-smart garden. For example, clearing away debris and cuttings, keeping a clear perimeter around your barbecue, and storing any petrol-powered equipment in a secure, well-ventilated space.


Autumn is often a time of rain, so the March-May period is a good reminder to check the weather tightness of your home and prepare it for winter.

Clean your gutters

Leaf debris builds up fast during autumn, clogging gutters and causing leaks, damage and growth – not to mention attracting insects. Try to get up there at least once a fortnight, if not once a week, to see if it needs to be cleared.

Inspect your roof

If you’re getting up a ladder anyway, consider going that extra bit higher and checking the roof too. You may see damage, corrosion, missing tiles or signs of infestation.

Remember, you don’t need to physically go onto the roof to inspect it. Climbing on a roof can be very dangerous, and should only be done either with extreme care or by a professional.

Check seals

They’re usually found at the beach.

OK but seriously, the weather tightness of your property directly impacts mould growth inside the home, and the energy efficiency of your heating systems. Before things get too wet or cold, pop around and check your windows and doors to ensure everything seals properly. Some of the caulking and weather stripping may need to be replaced.

Check heating systems

When was the last time you had your heating systems serviced, chimney swept or fireplace cleaned? You’ll want these ready to go in winter.

Prepare outdoor furniture for storage

If you know you won’t be using outdoor furniture for a while, think about how you’re going to store it over winter. Barbecues should be covered to help prevent corrosion and damage, and other furniture items can be stored away in the shed, garage, under the house or covered for their protection.


Time to hibernate! By this point, you’ll have already done so much work throughout the year that there isn’t much left to think about. That said, dampness is still a concern to keep in mind – and pests.

Be aware of damp

The humidity might not be so bad in winter, but with your house all closed up it won’t get ventilated as regularly as before. This could allow moist air to settle and condense, contributing to damp problems and the growth of mould or mildew. Even if it’s chilly, it’s still worth airing the house every now and then, and keeping an eye on corners, behind furniture, inside cupboards, etc.

Keep checking your gutters

Debris may still fall and blow about in the early days of winter, leading to clogged gutters. We don’t want any water coming into the property, nor any pests finding a home on the roof, so go up and check you’re safe every now and then.

Check for pests

Pests may be more inclined to come into your property when it gets chilly outside. Watch out for signs of infestation such as droppings, odd musty odours and damage (i.e. chewed holes in the wall or floor).

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