Newly Appointed Business Development Manager – Jasmine Quirk 

We’re delighted to announce that one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the Sutherland Shire is joining MattBlak’s growing workforce. Jasmine Quirk has recently joined as our Business Development Manager to oversee and develop our rapidly growing portfolio. Jasmine (or Jaz as we like to call her) has a wealth of experience having worked in the property sector in Sutherland Shire for the last ten years. We couldn’t be more excited that she has joined the MattBlak family. 

What originally inspired you to enter into Property Marketing? 

Oh, that’s a tough one, I think it probably stemmed from my love of interacting with people. There’s honestly nothing more rewarding than matching a family with their future home. It’s such a key life moment for people, and being a part of it is really rewarding.

How long have you worked in real estate?  

Nearly 10 years would you believe it! It still feels like yesterday when I started.  Most of my experience has been around the Sutherland Shire, so it’s been super interesting to see the progression and changes even just over the last 10 years. 

What strengths do you think you bring to the team?

It’s quite hard to talk about myself, but I have been told by previous teams that I bring upbeat energy. I’d also say I’m pretty proud of my tenacity, I definitely have a never give up attitude, which has worked in my favour in the past!

After 10 years of working in the industry, what still energises you?

I still think even after 10 years, the fundamental reason why I started is still what energises me, and that is changing people’s lives.  It never gets old. 

What changes and challenges do you foresee in 2022?

Probably the changes around legislation, especially for Property Management. 

The property industry is very competitive, what made you want to join the Mattblak team? 

I think ultimately it was the team that drove my decision. Their values, drive and energy definitely align with mine. 

What’s your favourite suburb in the shire and why? 

I have no favourites!  However, I love Next Door in Cronulla, you get a great view and the cocktails are delicious. 

For those new to the Shire what are your recommendations to do and see? 

Salmon Hall is a cracking spot for a picnic and swim. That’s my little inside tip!

Thanks, Jazz, for taking the time to talk with us today I know you’re already stuck in the thick of it at the agency.  

No problem, I’m looking forward to it. 

Jasmine Quirk’s Contact Details

Phone: 0428 486 669