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The Benefits of Jannali Real Estate

Jannali today is a lovely and serene suburb with majority family and professional residents that enjoy a coastal living lifestyle. Most Jannali houses and apartments are found on well maintained, quiet streets filled with greenery. The area was first developed as a railway city during the late 1800’s and it was only after World War II that modern housing developments began to be seen – which is in stark contrast to what the suburb is now. 

The name Jannali comes from the Idigenous Aboriginal word, ‘yanada’ which is the word for Moon in the Dharug language. It is believed the word Jannali is the anglicisation of the word ‘yananda’ as the Indigenous referred to the Jannali areas as the ‘Place of the Moon’.

With all the convenience in the world at your doorstep, Jannali has become a property favourite, whether it be access to Sutherland Shire beaches, the active lifestyle or simply raising a family in a suburb with great facilities and an easy commute to the Sydney CBD.

Find out more about family and commuter friendly Sutherland Shire suburb of Jannali and all the reasons why it is a popular option for many.

Benefits of Living in Jannali

For the everyday professional and commuter (and others, of course), living in Jannali simply makes life that much easier and even more enjoyable. With access to gorgeous beaches and attractions, Jannali provides the ideal residential living space for professionals, commuters and coastline living enthusiasts. Being so close to other large suburbs in Sutherland Shire means, Jannali residents can also make use of the many benefits of surrounding suburbs as well.

Locally however, there are many shops, small businesses, cafes and restaurants that residents of the area have become very familiar with. This feeds to the great sense of community that Jannali has established and is characteristic of the suburb that all residents cherish. 

With Jannali being so much closer to the Georges River compared to other Sutherland Shire suburbs, it stays connected to the rest of Sydney while also being secluded within the Sutherland Shire area. In recent times, there has been more and more interest in houses for sale in Jannali and apartments for sale in Jannali for these benefits that the suburb has to offer. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into all the specific reasons why Jannali real estate is a wonderful choice for people looking to live in the Sutherland Shire as well as all the relevant information you need to when purchasing or renting property in Jannali.

Amenities in Jannali

Schools & Education

There are a number of schooling options in the Jannali area making it a perfect suburb for those who want to raise a family. First on the list is Jannali Public School and The Jannali High School which are both conveniently located on Sutherland Rd. There is also Jannali Pre School which is located on Alice St. Lastly, there is Jannali East Public School which is a primary school located on 500 Box Rd. 

There is also a great before and after school care facility called Jannali Before & After School Care.

Beaches & Activities

Only a few suburbs away is the iconic and infamous Cronulla beach that is true luxury for anyone living along the coast line. Residents also have access to many other beaches: Elouera Beach, North Cronulla Beach, South Cronulla beach and Wanda beach (honestly, the list goes on and on). 

The royal national park is also a short trip south which offers a lot of fun activities for families and friends. There are plenty of parks in the Jannali area as well such as Jannali Oval, Comets Baseball Club, The Glen Reserve and Oxley Avenue Reserve.


Jannali has some great grub options for its residents, which is an exciting prospect for anyone looking for Jannali property for sale or considers themselves to be a bit of a foodie. We have put together a short list of some of the best places to have a meal in Jannali. 

Rocksalt Italian – Bar & Ristorante

The Rocksalt Italian is an excellent option for some delicious Italian food for dinner. It has vegetarian and gluten free options and a lovely team that makes the experience that much better. They are also BYO and open from 5:30pm to 9:00pm Tuesday to Sunday. 

Kitchen 66

Kitchen 66 is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers a cosy and vibrant ambience perfect for friends and family. They bake their own bread and make tasty homemade desserts. The care and passion that lives within this restaurant is apparent in the quality of food and service that you receive. 

Their menu ranges from seafood, meat & poultry dishes to gourmet pizzas and pastas. They too have vegetarian, vegan and GF dishes also available. The restaurant allows for BYO (sealed wine only) for that special bottle of wine.

Smiley Thai

With some of the most delicious Thai food in the Sutherland Shire area, you can not go past the Smiley Thai in Jannali. Offering quality consistent food that taste great every single time is a key part of their business and absolutely pride themselves on serving our customers with a smile. is an excellent choice for affordable and enjoyable eating for all tastes. It is open 7 days a week for dinner, from 5:00pm to 9:30pm.


Being 28 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, commuters can utilise Jannali train station or bus routes to travel into the Sydney CBD. The train station is well connected to the rail network with various lines to suit commuters and travellers of all kinds. A trip from Jannali train station to Central Station takes 40 minutes on the T4 line.

Jannali Real Estate Trends

Real Estate in Jannali is a great option for commuters or busy professionals who want to enjoy all the benefits of coastline living. All travel options, above mentioned amenities, schooling facilities and lifestyle satisfaction make a good opportunity for investors as well. Below is how the figures stack up at the moment.

Prices of Houses For Sale in Jannali

As of September, 2022, the median price for houses for sale in Jannali is $1,495,000 which is well priced considering the interest around the Sutherland Shire area. The median price for 3 bedroom houses for sale in Jannali is  $1,485,000 and the median price for 4 bedroom houses for sale in Jannali is $1,725,000.

Prices of Apartments For Sale in Jannali

As of September 2022, the median price for apartments for sale in Jannali is $795,000 which is again well priced considering the convenience it provides for owners in the Sutherland Shire area. The median price for 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Jannali is $767,500.

Rental Properties in Jannali

The median weekly price for houses for rent in Jannali is $700 per week. The rental properties in Jannali offer great lifestyle improvements no matter where you are in the suburb, so deciding how many rooms you will need is one of the only things to consider. Depending on your budget, 2 bedroom houses for rent in Jannali is $535, 3 bedroom houses for rent in Jannali is $742 and 4 bedroom houses for rent in Jannali is $850. 

Moreover, the median weekly price for apartments for rent in Jannali is $467 per week. With budgets in mind, 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Jannali is $395 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Jannali is $480.


If you’re looking to mix living near the beaches of the gorgeous Sutherland Shire and enjoying the cityscape lifestyle that the Sydney CBD has to offer you really can not look past Jannali real estate. The experienced Jannali real estate agents at Mattblak Property are ready to make your real estate dreams a reality with a home in Jannali. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell Jannali real estate you can feel comfortable knowing that Mattblak Property is looking after you.