Guide to Real Estate In Woolooware

Woolooware is a coastal suburb in the Sutherland Shire, that neighbours Cronulla, Caringbah, Burraneer and Kurnell. The name Woolooware derives from the Indigenous Aboriginal word ‘Woolooware’ which means ‘muddy track’ as the area that stretches from Woolooware Bay to Hacking River is naturally made up of muddy flats and salt marshes. 

Before European settlement the Woolooware area was gorgeous dense forest tea trees, black wattle scrub and mangrove swamps, parts of which have been preserved by creating parks and fields. The Woolooware area is now home to many families, professionals and those who enjoy coastal living while boasting a strong commercial presence.

Read on to learn more about the unique Sutherland Shire suburb of Woolooware and all the reasons why so many people love to call it home!

Benefits of Living in Woolooware

Being a small suburb with large housing block sizes, surrounded by greenery means Woolooware is an extremely desirable suburb within the Sutherland Shire. It is a quiet suburb, a village-like tight knit community with mostly families. The amenities and connectivity of the area mean that you can enjoy the benefits of large city living and enjoy the beach lifestyle at the same time, which is a rare combination.

In recent times, there has been an increase in property development in Woolooware real estate which has seen an increase in houses, townhouses, duplexes and even tall apartment complexes near the water.
With that in mind, let’s take a look into the details of why Woolooware real estate should be on your radar if you are looking to buy or rent a property in the Sutherland Shire area.


Being 24 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, commuters will be relieved to know that Woolooware has its very own train station. The train station is well connected to the rail network with various lines to suit all types of commuters and travellers. 

If you fancy other modes of public transport, there is also a large network of bus routes that can take you virtually anywhere (with a potential change over).

If you want to avoid public transport altogether, you can opt to drive which will see you travelling on Gannons Road, to head north–south, on Kingsway to travel east–west, Captain Cook Drive to travel up north, and Burraneer Bay Road to travel to the bay. Traffic is typically predictable when heading into the Sydney CBD with off-peak times averaging just over 30 mins.

Luckily traffic with Woolooware itself is almost non-existent which is great when trying to leave the neighbourhood during commutes. 

Schools & Education

There are a few great schooling options in the Woolooware area which is ideal for young families or those looking to start a family. First on the list is Woolooware Public School which is conveniently located on Wills Road North. There is also Woolooware High School located on 2R Woolooware Road that has the school back off onto the coastal line. Lastly, there is St Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School located on 14 Hill Street.

Beaches & Activities:

Access to the beaches and outdoor activities is absolutely no problem in Woolooware with various beaches, parks and sporting grounds in the area. Being next door to Cronulla means that you can enjoy Cronulla beach, Elouera Beach, North Cronulla Beach, South Cronulla beach and Wanda beach (honestly, the list goes on and on). 

There is also Shark Park which is home to the Cronulla Sharks if you fancy some footy, Woolooware Golf Club if you enjoy putting away, Captain Cook Playing Fields, the Greenery Cronulla and parks in every corner of the suburb.

Real Estate Trends in Woolooware

Real Estate in Woolooware is in a prime location within the ever so popular Sutherland Shire which means it is extremely sought after considering its proximity to the above mentioned amenities, travel options and of course the beaches!

House Prices in Woolooware

As of August, 2022, the median price for houses for sale in Woolooware is $2,520,000 which is well positioned considering the interest around the Sutherland Shire area. The median price for  3 bedroom houses for sale in Woolooware is $2,262,500 and the median price for 4 bedroom houses for sale in Woolooware is  $2,620,000.

Apartment Prices in Woolooware

As of August, 2022, the median price for apartments for sale in Woolooware is $825,500 which is a great option for those who want to buy in the Sutherland Shire area and enjoy apartment living. The median price for 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Woolooware is $660,000, the median price for 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Woolooware is $982,000 and median price for 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Woolooware is $1,450,000.

Rental Properties in Woolooware

The median weekly price for houses for Woolooware is $997 per week for homes and the median weekly price for apartments for rent in Woolooware is $892. Rental properties in Woolooware are quite competitive when compared with houses and apartments so a lot of the decision making will come down to lifestyle choices. 

The median weekly price for a 3 bedroom house for rent in Woolooware is $900 per week and the median weekly price for a 4 bedroom house for rent in Woolooware is $1,225 per week. 


If you’re looking to live in an area that facilitates all of your needs all the while living within walking distance of gorgeous beaches then you must consider the Sutherland Shire suburb of Woolooware. The experienced Woolooware real estate agents at MattBlak Property are passionate about making real estate dreams in the Sutherland Shire a reality and can find a property for you. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell you can feel confident you will be looked after with MattBlak Property.