Burraneer Real Estate

A Guide to Real Estate In Burraneer

Burraneer is a bayside suburb in the Sutherland Shire, that sits on the peninsula of Burraneer Point, by the waters of Port Hacking. It has a great reputation across Sydney being 26 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district. Being a peninsula suburb, Burraneer is surrounded by various bays and bodies of water making it a popular option for those who love life out on the water. 

Whether it be swimming at the beach, boat days or just admiring the water views, simply having access to a residential suburb with mostly large family homes that offers expansive water views of the Port Hacking is a huge plus.

Read on to learn more about the special Sutherland Shire suburb of Burraneer and all the reasons why it is so sought after.

Benefits of Living in Burraneer

The benefits of living in Burraneer are virtually endless, with beaches and attractions, Burraneer provides the ideal residential area for families of all ages. There are many shops and cafes located on Woolooware Road, which quickly become home for many residents in Burraneer.  The large family sized housing block sizes, greeny, peace and quiet, low traffic and a strong community make it perfect for families. 

Burraneer benefits from all the amenities and connectivity of surrounding suburbs while allowing residents to benefit from the seclusion offered due its peninsula nature. In recent times, there has been an increased interest in houses for sale in Burraneer and apartments for sale in Burraneer have become more popular in the shire because of the proximity to the water and facilities.

With that in mind, let’s take a look into the specifics of why Burraneer real estate should be on your radar and the information you need to know if you are looking for property for sale in Burraneer.

Amenities Near Burraneer

Schools & Education

There are a number of schooling options in the Burraneer area making it a perfect suburb for those who want to raise a family. First on the list is Burraneer Bay Public School which is conveniently located on 163 Burraneer Bay Rd. There is also De La Salle Catholic College located on 2 Cross Rd. Lastly, there are plenty of boating schools such as Yamaha Marine Academy and Royal Motor Yacht Club for those who want to get involved. 

Beaches & Activities

Being next door to Cronulla means that you can enjoy Cronulla beach, Elouera Beach, North Cronulla Beach, South Cronulla beach and Wanda beach (honestly, the list goes on and on). 

There are also plenty of parks and playgrounds for the family to enjoy as well as being a short trip down to the national parks.

More importantly, if you fancy boat days or giving the jetski a whirl, you have all the facilities and opportunities to do so in Burraneer given the proximity to Port Hacking.


For such a small suburb, the delicious food that is packed in is absolutely astounding, which is a huge delight for any foodie looking for Burraneer property for sale. If you are after affordable meals, relaxed setting, coffee by the water or simply a midweek meal with friends after a day out on the water. Below are some of our favourites that we recommend you check out.

Our Father Cafe

The Our Father Cafe has created a great community with excellent food and a lovely team that makes friends and family welcome at all times. The cafe has a modern and stylish aesthetic that is filled with gorgeous natural light making it a great place to visit during summer. Our Father Cafe is open as early as 6am through the working week and 7am on Saturday and Sunday.

Mims Espresso

Mims Espresso is a cute little cafe hidden amongst the greenery of Burraneer, that has recently been renovated. It has beautiful timber furnishings with gold ascent across the cafe giving it a luxurious feel while also making it feel inviting and comfortable. 

Great cafes are known for having a concise menu, which is exactly what Mims Espresso has to offer while also having options to suit anyone. A highlight here is the coffee roast which is exquisite and full of flavour. Make sure to check out their baked goods, ricotta hotcakes and fritters.

Yachties Bistro

The Yachties Bistro is an excellent choice for affordable and enjoyable eating for all tastes. It is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and open for breakfast on the weekends. You can also enjoy a fantastic view while you dine.

Most nights through the week you can also enjoy live acoustic music, or watch a game on the big screen.


Being 26 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, commuters can utilise the Woolooware train station or bus routes to travel into the Sydney CBD. The train station is well connected to the rail network with various lines to suit commuters and travellers of all kinds.

If you don’t take trains, there are plenty of other transport options such as buses that utilise a large network of bus routes that can take you almost anywhere.

Real Estate Trends in Burraneer

Real Estate in Burraneer is in an inconspicuous location amongst really popular Sutherland Shire suburbs making it a very significant suburb to be in especially after considering its proximity to the above mentioned amenities, travel options and lifestyle it offers.

Prices of Houses For Sale in Burraneer

As of September, 2022, the median price for houses for sale in Burraneer is $3,150,000 which is well positioned considering the interest around the Sutherland Shire area. The median price for  4 bedroom houses for sale in Burraneer is  $3,085,000.

Rental Properties in Burraneer

The median weekly price for houses for rent Burraneer is $1,550 per week for homes and the Rental properties in Burraneer are quite competitive when compared with houses and apartments so a lot of the decision making will come down to lifestyle choices.


If you’re looking to live in an area that will allow you to make the most of the Sutherland Shire coastline and want to experience relaxing peace and quiet then you really need to consider Burraneer real estate. The experienced Burraneer real estate agents at Mattblak Property don’t care about their commission, they care more about you. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell Burraneer real estate you can feel confident you will be looked after with Mattblak Property.